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The Big Move: International Students Share Their Experience Moving to Bulgaria Pt. 1

Every year, many international students make the big move to Bulgaria.

We reached out to several AUBGers to hear more about their transition to Bulgaria and whether they’ve initially experienced a culture shock. Bulgaria offers 14 centuries of rich history and traditions, which is one of the reasons why international students decide to come to AUBG.

The Big Move series features representatives from 30 countries, who uncover some of the most interesting discoveries they made about Bulgaria. The interviews were conducted to explore cultural differences and aim to provide a country-specific insight into life in Bulgaria, Blagoevgrad, and AUBG. 

This is the first part of The Big Move series. Check out the second part here. Stay tuned for our future articles featuring many more countries and their different perspectives. 


How is Bulgaria different from your country? What was your first impression like? Did you experience any culture shock?