Svetozar Georgiev (‘00): 'If the balance is right, success and happiness will come for sure'

In 2014, Svetozar Georgiev (‘00), Vassil Terziev (‘01), Boyko Yaramov (‘00) and Hristo Kosev sold their company Telerik for $263 million to Progress Software, a business exit considered among the most successful ones in Bulgaria’s modern history. But their story does not stop there – the businessmen went on to establish two colossal projects: Telerik academy, which trains tomorrow’s digital experts, and Campus X, an ecosystem that supports tech companies’ growth and impact.

A recognizable name on Bulgaria’s business scene and a huge contributor to the country's change for the better, Svetozar says that for him, “the biggest reward in life is to help others succeed.” We reached out to the alumnus to hear more about Telerik’s tremendous success, the reasons why he is optimistic for Bulgaria’s future and  the importance of togetherness, openness and integrity.