Professor Senem Konedareva: At AUBG one can develop their full potential

Professor Senem Konedareva, who teaches Bulgarian and Cultural Studies at AUBG, says that to her, each language is a whole new universe. She has had the desire to share her knowledge about language, culture and the relation between the two ever since she studied those subjects as a Master's and a PhD student at the South-West University in Blagoevgrad. Her interest in linguistics and intercultural communication led her to obtain additional specializations from Potsdam University, Germany, and Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, and then work at the department of Bulgarian language and culture at Ankara University, Turkey for one semester. When teaching, Professor Konedareva likes to think beyond the conventional, to experiment and innovate, things she says are all possible -- and encouraged -- at AUBG. Read our interview with Professor Konedareva to learn more about her work experience, teaching and research interests, and things she likes doing outside work.