Petar Svarc (‘02), AUBG MultiTalent Quest Judge: “There’s no growth without challenge”

With the AUBG MultiTalent Quest 2020 fast approaching, we decided to introduce you to some of the masterminds behind the competition. Petar Svarc (‘02), Chief Judge of the DEBATE, Don't Hate discipline, says the Quest was a natural continuation of his long-term involvement with the university. And indeed, Petar is among AUBG’s most dedicated alumni – until recently he was part of the AUBG Alumni Association and he is partner and Head of Marketing and Sales of successful AUBG tech startup Melon. He is married to fellow alumna Vera Svarc (‘05), who is also on the organizing team of the Quest.

The AUBG MultiTalent Quest is a one-of-a-kind competition that challenges high school juniors in a variety of disciplines ranging from English and mathematics to the “hacking” of social challenges. The DEBATE, Don't Hate discipline of the Quests challenges the participants to prove their argumentative skills while working in teams. In this interview, Petar shares his insights on what makes a successful debater.