Mihail Mishev: ‘Roma people need to take a role in the process of making decisions’

Each April 8, we mark the International Romani Day, a day to celebrate the history and culture of Roma people but also reflect upon the many challenges ahead for the equality, inclusion, and participation of the largest ethnic minority in Europe.  


We interviewed Mihail Mishev, a first-year Roma student at AUBG, and an activist for Roma rights in Bulgaria. A recipient of the Chandra Scholarship at the university, Mihail says education is among the most important factors that can aid the true integration of the Roma community into society. Despite growing up in the highly segregated Roma neighborhood in Sliven, he graduated from the most prestigious high school in the city and has been a vocal supporter of Roma rights for almost seven years now. 


We spoke to Mihail to learn more about the significance of the International Romani Day, his work as part of the Roma Standing Conference movement and the Bulgarian Community for Liberal Democracy (BOLD), and his first impressions of AUBG.