Bideriya Usukhbayar, AUBG student and President of the Sustainability Club. Photo: Tamar Chanidze/AUBG

“It’s Time”: New Mural on Campus Raises Environmental Awareness

It is a beautiful sunny afternoon at the beginning of October. The alley in front of Skaptopara I is full of students who observe and discuss the mural painted on the wall of the Skaptopara I building.

A joint venture of the AUBG Sustainability Club and the project "Game On | Don't let climate change end the game!" of the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, the mural is funded by the U.S. Embassy in Bulgaria. It is part of the AUBG Sustainability Club's “Down to Earth” project which started last fall and which will feature many other initiatives at AUBG. The newest art installation on campus aims is to raise awareness on the importance of staying connected to nature. The message of  the wall-painting that depicts an hourglass is quite straightforward: we are running out of time to act against the disastrous effects of climate change​ and start preserving and protecting our nature.

Named “It’s Time,” the mural “will serve as a constant reminder for the AUBG students to take a moment and think about the environment,” said Binderiya Usukhbayar, President of the AUBG Sustainability Club.