Fulbright U.S. Scholar Cristofer Scarboro to teach Cold War America at AUBG

History Professor Cristofer Scarboro, who comes to AUBG through the Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program, will be teaching a course on Cold War America at the university. This is, however, not at all the first time that he visits Bulgaria. In 1996, he lived in the Southern city of Haskovo where he taught English at the math school.

As an American who has lived in Bulgaria shortly after the fall of communism and who has dedicated his career to researching, teaching and writing about the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, Professor Scarboro surely brings a unique perspective to the subject of the Cold War. Still, he says, “I often learn more from my students that they learn from me (…) and I am really interested in meeting the students at AUBG and hearing what they have to say.”

Read our interview with Professor Scarboro to learn more about his academic background, the connection he sees between the liberal arts education and Dostoevsky’s “accursed questions" and what can Cold War teach us about the present day.