The Ancient Theater of Philippopolis, nowadays Plovdiv

Bulgaria: 10 Intriguing Facts You May Not Know

Located in Southeastern Europe, Bulgaria is a country at a crossroad of civilizations, both modern and ancient.  The 7-million nation shares borders with Turkey, Greece, North Macedonia, Serbia and Romania and boasts famous ski resorts and a seacoast, small picturesque villages and large cities with exciting nightlife, a 13-century old history and a forward-looking perspective as a member of the European Union, NATO and the Council of Europe. Indeed, we can say that Bulgaria is a place of contrasts and one that tourists are eager to explore.

What is your first association when you hear Bulgaria? Is it AUBG? Is it a famous mountain or a river? Is it a celebrity? If you are preparing to study in Bulgaria, you are probably looking forward to learn more about the country’s nature, architecture, cuisine and history. That’s why we have prepared ten interesting facts to get you acquainted with the country.