AUBG Scores Leading Positions at the Bulgarian University Rankings 2021

Once again, the American University in Bulgaria is among the leading institutions in the Bulgarian University Rankings. AUBG is No 1 in the country in Business Administration, shares first place in Journalism and Mass Communication with Sofia University, and ranks second in Economics, Computer Science and Political Science.

"I’d like to thank all of you – faculty, staff, students, alumni and board members for making this success possible once again," said AUBG President Dr. David Evans. "Despite all the challenges and the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, you have persevered. It is thanks to you that AUBG continues to be such an exceptional place in Bulgaria, the region and the world!" 

AUBG takes the first place in the Prestige indicator for Business Administration, Economics, Political Science and Journalism and Mass Communication and is first for all fields of study in Teaching and Learning Environment, Welfare and Administrative Services and Unemployment Rate. Business Administration, Economics, Political Science and Journalism and Mass Communication also rank first in Highest Income.

"As we are saying a lot this year as we celebrate the university’s 30th anniversary, “Onwards and Upwards!” Evans said.

The Bulgarian University Ranking System aims to support students in their choice of university. It ranks 52 universities in Bulgaria that offer education in a variety of majors grouped into professional fields. The ranking system compares academic disciplines in Bulgarian-accredited higher education institutions. It takes into account more than 100 indicators, including teaching and learning, university environment, welfare and administrative services, science and research, prestige, career development, relevance to the labor market and regional engagement.

Below are the professional fields as listed by the Bulgarian University Ranking System and the corresponding AUBG majors: 

*Administration & Management = Business Administration

Public Communications & Information System = Journalism and Mass Communication

Political Science = Political Science and International Relations; European Studies

Informatics & Computer Science = Computer Science; Information Systems