AUBG Announces Plans for Fall’21

AUBG’s Fall’21 semester, which starts on Sept. 7, will begin with hybrid classes. In order to achieve herd immunity on campus, AUBG needs to have 70% of the students vaccinated. If the university achieves the 70% benchmark, it can move to regular on-ground classes and remove masks and social distancing. On the contrary, if the COVID-19 virus spreads among the unvaccinated students, the university may have to shift classes online and ask students to leave campus. 

“We highly recommend that you get vaccinated,” said AUBG President Dr. David Evans in an email to the AUBG community. “It is the best way to protect yourself and the community.” 

The university held a webinar for students where Robert White, Dean of Faculty and Interim Provost, and the Director of the Health Center Dr. Ventsislav Daskalov discussed the plans for Fall’21 semester in detail and answered frequently asked questions. 

Students can choose whether to study online and live off-campus in fall 2021. If they select the option to study online, they will not be able to change their decision even if AUBG reaches the 70% benchmark and moves to regular classes. Students who select the option to study on-ground will only be able to change their choice due to medical reasons.