Image credit: Payhawk: Konstantin Djengozov, CFO on the left, Hristo Borisov, CEO at the center; Boyko Karadzhov, CTO on the right

Alumni-Led Payhawk Raises a Historic $112M Series B Round

In an article titled "Bulgarian Payhawk raises a historic $112M Series B round led by an investor in Stripe," Etien Yovchev, Co-founder & Chief Growth Officer at The Recursive, talks about the groundbreaking investment in fintech startup Payhawk. Co-founded by alumnus Hristo Borisov ('10), Payhawk is valued at $570M, "which puts the fintech startup in an even better position to become the first Bulgarian unicorn." 

Among the first investors in Payhawk are AUBG alumni Vassil Terziev ('01), Managing Partner at Eleven Ventures and Svetozar Georgiev ('00), who together co-founded Telerik and Campus X. 

Read more in the article below which we are republishing from The Recursive.