Alexandra Dokleva ('18): 'ITCE helped me nurture my personality and uncover my potential'

AUBG alumna Alexandra Dokleva ('18) is part of ITCE, a Sofia-based company that supports companies in their digitalization journey since 1998. She is the product owner for the ServiceNow product and a coach in Agile processes. She graduated from AUBG with majors in Business Administration with a focus on Management and Information Systems. 

For Alexandra, the core team of 30 people in the company seems like a small crew for the enormous impact they have in terms of delivery, results, and the work they do. She said she appreciates the proactivity of the company and that this is what brought her to where she is today. This is why she helps in the hiring process. "We look for people who don’t like to be managed strictly, self-driven, autonomous," Alexandra said. "Ones who want to work in an environment which will leave them ready to uncover their entire potential without any restrictions. You have all of these opportunities to uncover your potential and you have the people who support you in doing that."

ITCE was recently recruiting students at the AUBG Job and Internship Fair 2022. Back in 2018, Alexandra herself was one of those students that began her career journey at the training and consulting company after meeting its representatives at the fair. We spoke to her to learn more about her AUBG journey, her career development, and what she loves about working at ITCE.